The solution for the resumption of the football season

As you all know, football around the majority of countries in the world is currently suspended. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is still rightly at the forefront of the decision maker's minds. There have been over 3.6 million cases worldwide and over 250,000 reported worldwide deaths. The shining light is the figure which does not get enough coverage - over 1.2 million recoveries. I would like to wish everyone with the virus or anyone with a family member struggling with the virus a speedy recovery. I think one of the main reasons why the Premier League is pushing for a return to our screens is so that we can slowly begin to get back to normal. Government guidelines will determine when we can restart the season, which has been suspended since the 13th of March. The majority of clubs are in favour of finishing the season, bar maybe the bottom six. The notions flying around about neutral venues and shortened halves are pure and utter nonsense in my mind. France, the Netherlands and Belgium are in favour of finishing their seasons early and that is understandable but I believe there is a far more feasible solution. It involves patience and bringing forward future plans. 

Qatar won the vote to host the 2022 World Cup.

The 2022 World Cup will be staged in Qatar. It was the first Arab state to ever be awarded the hosting rights of the world's greatest cup competition. Football fans will remember the vote being rigged with controversy, bribery allegations and the massive shake up of just about every football organisation representing each continent on the planet. Human rights issues and working conditions came under extra scrutiny. It seemed as if the World Cup would be taken away from Qatar in the early stages. The country survived but another huge issue arose. The temperatures in the Arab state can reach 50 degrees celsius during the day. The solution to this was air conditioned stadiums which may have benefited the players but would have been of little benefit to the large number of fans anticipated at a World Cup. The decision was finally made to move the World Cup to the winter months, starting in November and ending in December, meaning the fixture list of all the top European Leagues would have to be tweaked. 

The Premier League is looking to resume the season in June.

Adapting to these changes is going to be a challenge for the top leagues. In England, there is a packed festive schedule. This will have to be moved to accommodate the Winter World Cup. Leagues will likely have to postpone around October and resume around January. My question to the world's leading football figures - why not start this process now? It is risky to bring football back too early which is likely what will happen. Completing this current season does not have to be done right now. The deadlines set by the governing bodies should be moved. Restart the season in July or August whenever it is safer to do so. August is being mooted as a time when a large chunk of European countries are willing to open up a large part of their economies. Resuming the season in August and finishing by the middle of October and taking a break until January is an idea we will have to entertain come 2022 so let us set the wheels in motion now. This will give teams a chance to sort out contracts that are expiring and even add new players in their fight for titles / survival. Sceptics will say some teams will overhaul and it will not be the same team that finishes the season but there is every chance this could happen mid season in January of a normal season. There is an opportunity here to restructure the calendar in the lead up to the World Cup. Over to you - UEFA, FIFA and co. 

Should this current season be resumed when it is safe to do so? Is my solution the way forward? 

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